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Me and Papa
My Best Friend!


Please take a moment to sign the Memorial Guestbook. This memorial website was built for the Plyler family.

Christmas With My Grandparents
Papa, Granny, and me playing

Poetry: Remembering My Grandfather

Thinking to when I was a little girl,
His words were my world.
Little girl wrapped like a gift,
Is closing her eyes and making a wish.
Lord allow him to stay,
In my life everyday.
Words hurt sometimes when he spoke,
My heart he never broke.
Always working till he bled,
Too make sure his family is fed.
He went without just to make sure,
His family was safe and secure.
When he flies away to his home in the sky,
Hope he won't see his granddaughter cry.
Tears will fall the day he passes away,
He will be the angel, who is watching me play.

By Imogen Rayne


Granny Visiting Papa's Resting Place
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Thank you for being more than a papa to me. You have touched many lives with your love and generosity. Now, you can finally rest, because your work on earth is completed. I will never forget the love and friendship that we shared throughout our time on earth together.